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I, Rhoda

a Memoir by

Valerie Harper



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Rhoda Morgenstern first came into our homes in 1970 as Mary Richards' witty, edgy and loving neighbor on the "Mary Tyler Moore Show."  After four years in Minneapolis, Rhoda moves back to New York. 


While in New York, we were all there to experience Rhoda's marriage to Joe, owning her own window design shop, a divorce, a new job in a costume shop and of course the delights of her mother, father, sister, the door man and all her new friends along the way.  The series ran from 1974 to 1978.


Valerie Harper won four Emmy awards in her role of "Rhoda" as well as two Golden Globe Awards.


Harold Gould, Nancy Walker

David Groh, Valerie Harper and Julie Kavner (1974)


In 1996, TV Land brought back the classic series of "Mary Tyler Moore" and "Rhoda" for a new generation to love just as much as those who have known Rhoda and Mary since day one.

Harold Gould, Valerie Harper and David Groh (right) reunited to talk about their favorite episodes and memories of working together.





After more than twenty years, Mary and Rhoda are back in New York; reunited in the made-for-TV movie, "Mary and Rhoda."   The movie aired in February, 2000 with more than 17 million viewers.


Mary Tyler Moore and Valerie Harper  (2000)



The Cast of They Mary Tyler Moore Show

reunited to present an award on the Screen Actors Guild Awards

January 28, 2007


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